« AquaNess » - the waterbike

Our « AquaNess » waterbike will turn your swimming pool into a real fitness studio.

The Aquabike « AquaNess » stands out from competition thanks to its high quality manufacturing as well as its epoxy coated aluminium frame. Made in France, it is suitable for use in both public and private pools.

Its frame has been designed for maximum movement stability in the water. Floor protection by way of special pads allows for the use of our waterbike in swimming pools with a variety of surface finishes, such as liners, PVC, tiles, polyester etc.

Water exerts pressure and provides resistance across every part of your body that is submerged under water. Water cycling therefore results in a complete muscular workout as your muscles end up working non-stop. This type of exercise is gentle but constant, with a high calorie burning mode. Water pressure counterbalances the blood pressure, thus providing an efficient preventative measure against varicose veins and helping to reduce cellulite.